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Siddharth, TEGRO
LPX | Evmos DAO
Orbital Apes Team
Having been in the blockchain industry, I truly recognize the significant problem that CypherD Wallet cards address. The user experience is incredibly smooth, making it feel as though the future has arrived. This is the epitome of adoption, and 8 out of 10 people I know have been searching for such a solution. Great execution.
CypherD Wallet is one of the few projects that is changing the game for fiat payments in the intricate landscape of DAOs and DeFi projects. Despite being a relatively smaller and newer team, they demonstrated an unparalleled attention to detail, catering to even the minor needs. Evmos DAO is now able to effortlessly make fiat payments for infrastructure costs and subscription bills without having to sell our native token on the open market. Needless to say, we are looking forward to seeing what the future has in store for CypherD Wallet!
The CypherD crypto card boasts user-friendly functionality and broad compatibility, accommodating both Cosmos and EVM chains. Its seamless integration empowers crypto development teams to conveniently settle expenses using their digital assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How to apply for Cypher card?

Please join the waitlist or drop an email to

How fast is shipping for Cypher Card?

Once you're approved, Cypher Virtual Card will be issued instantly. However, the shipping time of a physical card depends on the delivery address of a user.

Where can be Cypher card used?

Cypher Card is accepted all over the world and Can be used in ATMs to withdraw cash.We don't support transactions on illegal activities such as gambling, drugs etc.

Does Cypher charge any fees?

Cypher does not charge any joining or annual fees, and there are no transaction fees associated with Cypher Card.

What are the fees for ATM withdrawals with Cypher Card?

ATM withdrawals using Cypher Card are subject to a fee of $1.5 USD, in addition to any charges imposed by the bank or ATM operator. The total cost per ATM transaction can vary but is typically in the range of $3-5 USD, depending on the specific bank charges associated with the ATM you use.